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Art music Listening Lessons for Grades K-6

Only the best is good enough for children.  This means that we use only the best folk songs and the best art music.  Pedagogically, the system of presenting masterworks in this volume takes its impetus from folk songs and games that the students love to sing and play.   

It builds on the skills they have acquired and mastered during the reinforcement or practice of a particular element. We hope that the children we teach will come to love the art-music as much as they love the songs and games. 

From Folk Songs to Masterworks is a new book that is divided into sections by grade, al-though most of the lesson fragments can be used interchangeably among all grades.  77 art music examples and lessons are included in the book.  The art music examples come from a variety of composers including Bach, Haydn, Beethoven, Debussy, Copland, Bartok, and others.  Back-ground information is given for each musical example as well as abbreviated examples of music scores included for the teacher’s benefit.  CD recordings and downloadable zip files of the art music are incorporated for class-room use.  Appendices including song lists, games, a glossary of terms, and CD information can be found in the appendices at the end of the book and are designed to assist the teacher.    

The goal of From Folk Songs to Masterworks is to present masterworks to an educated listener.  Folk music and art music help to build a more coherent and cooperative society.  This beauty and richness in these forms of music is the substance that instills higher qualities to our lifelong existence.  By working together to solve problems and create something that is lasting and beautiful, we make the world a better place in which to live and appreciate each other.  

From Folk Songs to Masterworks - Art Music Listening Lessons

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