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Product Summary
A workbook for students in grade five or upper grade advanced students.  Worksheets include many activities including the areas of reading, writing, inner hearing, and form.  Introduction to basic harmonic functions using I, IV, and V triads.

ISBN Number 1-889967-06-8

My Fifth Grade Music Book
Reviews grade four materials.  Covers re pentatonic scale, low ti, la pentachord, F#, and G major key signature, and melodic ti.  Also, whole rest, ti-tam, upbeat, dotted half note (ta-a-a), three-beat meter and  tim-ri (dotted eighth and sixteenth).  Introduces harmony through partwork with solfa and standard chord structure in root position.  Many new songs and ideas for using barred instruments (such as glockenspiels) and art music in your lessons.

  • Original art work in black and white line drawings
  • Easily read music examples
  • Uses lots of American folksongs and art music examples
  • Carefully sequenced musical elements that makes music learning easy for the student
  • Art music examples

My Fifth Grade Music Book

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