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Product Summary
Two books for the price of one. Teacher’s Curriculum Manual and Student Workbook with permission to copy for your classroom students.

ISBN Number 1-889967-09-29 - (teacher’s manual)
ISBN Number 1-889967-10-6 - (workbook)

Directions To Literacy
Comes as a set of two books: student workbook and teacher’s curriculum manual.  Intended for use with older beginner students who have no previous music experience or classroom training.  The set of books covers first through third grade elements in a different sequence from the one used in An American Methodology and Yearly Plans and incorporates song materials more appropriate to fourth, fifth, and sixth grade students.      

  • Different sequence of materials for older students
  • Clearly stated instructional steps and activities
  • Interesting and appealing student worksheets
  • Extensive song and game appendix
  • Pleasing graphics

Older Beginners - Directions to Literacy Teaching Guide

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