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About Sneaky Snake Publications

Sneaky Snake Publications, created by Lamar Robertson and Ann Eisen, publishes Kodály-
inspired educational materials for teacher and student use in elementary and middle school music classrooms. Sneaky Snake Publications is a resource for vocal music educators and instructors interested in the Kodály Music Education system.  The name derives from a fun rhythm memory game.

All materials can be purchased at retailers such as West Music and JW Pepper.

These coordinated materials, guided by the Kodály philosophy, include a teacher’s guide to pedagogy and folk songs, yearly plans by concepts and suggested grades, reproducible student workbooks grades 1-5, a music listening resource connecting folk songs with art music (includes lesson plans), and a resource for teaching older beginners.

After over 30 years collaborating with Ann and Lemar, music educators Susan and Royce Tevis became caretakers and owners of Sneaky Snake Publications in 2019.

Sneaky Snake Rhythm Practice Game
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